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The education industry requires efficient communication channels for prospecting, lead generation, and student qualification. SMS for Salesforce can be used to connect with prospective students and streamline communication among different departments, whether for internal or external communication. This adds versatility to interactions and helps engage students differently. Here are five versatile ways to use SMS in Salesforce for Higher Education:

  1. Attract applications from around the world using WhatsApp Salesforce for Education workflows, which can overcome country-to-country texting barriers.
  2. Automate student qualification processes to reduce manual intervention and save time. With texting apps, you can design and run surveys to qualify prospective students and hand over a qualified list to education counselors.
  3. Assign leads automatically to the relevant department using Sticky Sender in text messaging. This saves time on manual lead assignments and enables faster resolution of student queries.
  4. Send videos to explain difficult and crucial topics, which can improve student understanding and engagement. Educational institutions can rely on Salesforce WhatsApp for higher education for rich media conversations.
  5. Use voice messages for reminders and announcements, which can improve student experiences and enable speedy communication at scale. Voice messages can be sent through MMS or WhatsApp using pre-recorded templates or recorded messages.

By utilizing these versatile ways, education professionals can connect with prospective students, streamline communication, and improve student engagement, all while saving time and effort.

Benefits of salesforce SMS for Education Cloud

Salesforce SMS for Education Cloud offers a range of benefits for educational institutions, including:

  1. Streamlined communication: SMS Salesforce app allows educational institutions to communicate with students, faculty, and staff through a single platform, streamlining communication and making it more efficient.
  2. Personalized messaging: it allows educational institutions to send personalized messages to students based on their preferences, needs, and behavior, which can increase engagement and improve the student experience.
  3. Automate processes: this can be used to automate various processes, such as student qualification and lead assignment, reducing the need for manual intervention and freeing up staff time.
  4. Improved reach: With Salesforce SMS integration, educational institutions can reach students wherever they are, through the channel they prefer, which can help increase enrollment, engagement, and retention.
  5. Multi-channel communication: Salesforce text messaging is part of a suite of communication tools that include email, social media, and other channels, allowing educational institutions to communicate with students using a range of methods that suit their needs and preferences.
  6. Better tracking and reporting: this provides robust tracking and reporting capabilities, allowing educational institutions to monitor their SMS campaigns, track engagement, and measure ROI.

Overall, Salesforce Ventas SMS app for Education Cloud can help educational institutions improve communication, increase engagement, automate processes, and ultimately, enhance the student experience.

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