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Switch to Pardot: The Expert Sales and Marketing Solution

As a well-known and efficient B2B platform, Salesforce Pardot boosts your marketing and sales efforts. From automating mundane tasks to generating leads, our Pardot services offer everything that your organization needs to become a successful brand. Today, there is a lot of buzz around Salesforce Pardot vs. Marketing Cloud, as many are curious about their differences and which would be better for them. The most striking differences are the advanced features of Pardot. For instance, the AI-based features such as campaign insights and lead scoring support increased sales. Pardot is also renamed "Marketing Cloud Account Engagement" due to some amazing add-ons like Salesforce Engage and B2B Marketing Analytics Plus, which elevate marketing efficiency and ROI.

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Why Choose Salesforce Pardot Cloud?

At Ventas, we enable smart automation of Pardot that leaves no room for errors and eases up tasks like running campaigns, email marketing, viewing performances, and so on. The tool helps to.

  • Connect Marketing and Sales: Align your marketing and sales by linking your Salesforce CRM with Pardot. Get a stronger sales funnel, better marketing, and higher revenue.

  • Analyze Performances Through Metrics: B2B Analytics and Pardot allow you to evaluate the performances of campaigns. You can also retain Pardot engagement in the marketing cloud by testing your campaigns for higher success rates.

  • Conduct Advanced Email Marketing: Create emails with amazing templates, perform spam analysis, send personalized emails, and analyze engagement rates with Pardot.

  • Track and Nurture Leads: Tracking visitors, lead grading, lead scoring, and lead assessment all help nurture leads and turn them into customers.

  • Customize Your Content: With Pardot Marketing Cloud, design beautiful landing pages and forms that enhance visitors’ interest.