Telecom Industry

Ventas SMS for the Telecom Industry

Customer engagement is just a text away

Ventas SMS allows telecom to reach customers through text messages.

Build a Strong Customer Base with Instant Messaging

A brand becomes powerful only when it has happy customers. A simple thumb rule for satisfied customers is communication. The faster you respond, the higher your customer retention, and text messaging can help you with that. Ventas SMS is a cutting-edge messaging solution that enables the telecom industry to offer professional support and notifications in real time. Promotions, bills, discounts, and what not—send everything on SMS and increase business sales with high open rates.

How Ventas SMS Benefit Telecom Industry?

SMS is a cheaper and faster way of communicating, and there’s no denying that. Telecommunications enterprises can also leverage text message marketing and witness tremendous business growth. The Ventas SMS solution assists them in the following areas:

How Ventas SMS 01 1

1. Billing and Payments:
Send messages about bill creation and remind customers to make timely bill payments. The
one-to-one SMS functionality in the Ventas SMS app allows you to send reminders

2. Marketing Campaigns:
From discounts and offers to promotions and new launches, let customers know about
everything through messages. Send bulk messages and reach customers in no time.

3. Account Security:
Use multi-factor SMS authentication for protecting system data. With SMS verification, only
authorized people can access your networks.

4. Sending Alerts and Notifications:
Allow customers to remain updated about their product delivery by sending alerts. With
Schedule SMS in the Ventas SMS app, you can notify any service updates and near-due
accounts for payments at the right time.

5. Offering Customer Support:
As a quick communication mode, professionals can offer support to their customers anytime
and anywhere. The auto reply feature in our text message app responds faster, so customers
don’t have to wait as long.
Want to reach a larger audience with a single click? Ventas SMS fulfills all your needs. For
more information, connect with our experts now.


Ventas CPQ For the Telecom Industry

Ventas CPQ is a one-stop solution for all your CPQ needs. From messaging quotes to scheduling discounts, you can get a plethora of benefits by choosing us. Take a look at how the Ventas CPQ app helps the telecom industry.

Ventas CPQ Telecom 01 1
  1. Automation that Simplifies Quotes for Telecoms:

    A CPQ for telecom companies, this app enables users to create customized quotes and modify pricing models.

  2. No more mistakes in Offerings:

    With a robust pricing engine, get absolutely accurate quotes in no time. Be it one-time fees or charges based upon usage, the Ventas CPQ app provides error-free quotes even with different pricing structures and several products.

  3. Consistency Across All Sales Channels:

    Centralized data helps build a consistent pricing standard across all channels. Customers can now receive the same quote at any touchpoint.

  4. Discounts and Renewals at Fingertips:

    The discount schedule feature in Ventas CPQ enables telcos to offer discounts and promotions to a particular set of customers. For existing customers, product renewal is also effortless and requires only a few clicks.