Ventas CPQ for the Healthcare Industry

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Ventas CPQ: Empowering the Healthcare Industry with Better Sales

Eliminate errors, simplify the quoting process, and close deals faster with our unique CPQ software

Get Equipped With the Power of Salesforce CPQ and Sell Effectively

When it comes to the healthcare industry, multiple product and service types create a huge amount of complexity. Compliance with different regulations worldwide for quoting is a long haul. Integration of sales with engineering can make your organization efficient, and Salesforce health cloud implementation is just the first step. Along with CRM, pricing and quoting complex medical products also need automation.

Introducing the savior of healthcare organizations:

Ventas CPQ – This configure-price-quote tool centralizes all quotes under one roof and offers accurate pricing and contracts in no time.

Pain Areas in the Healthcare Industry Before CPQ Implementation

  • Different product variant complexities lead to order errors.
  • Various regulations and rules make it hard to create accurate proposals.
  • More sales time is invested in the quoting process.
  • Reduced data visibility and scalability.
  • Delays create a poor customer experience.

Why Ventas CPQ Stands Out?

Ventas CPQ, as a sales product, saves sales reps valuable time in quoting so that they can focus on important tasks for business growth. There are more benefits added to the Ventas CPQ app that are explained below.

1. Quick Time-to-Quote:

With configuration and its product features, accelerate the speed of quote and proposal generation. Our Configure price quote Salesforce app works amazingly with all Salesforce health cloud data models and calculates complex pricing methods in seconds.

2. Drive Revenue Through Time-Efficiency:

Generating orders, creating proposals, and managing contracts take less time than you think, thanks to the Ventas CPQ app. Now the sales team can invest that time in selling more.

3. Renewals and Amendments in a Click:

Changing orders and renewing them are no big tasks now. Just press a few buttons, and your modifications are saved.

4. Various Rules are No More a Stress:

Be it pharma, medical equipment, or insurance companies, a large number of rules are a huge problem factor. However, our quotes tool enables the creation of proposals accurately without missing a single rule.

5. Seamless Contract Processing:

After a proposal, contract processing is an important task. Here, both parties agree to work together, and our solution allows development contracts in real-time.

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