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Ventas provides an all-one solution for Salesforce SMS & CPQ. Our SMS & CPQ supports multichannel messaging & along with Salesforce CPQ features. Reach customers instantly Engage, convert, and watch your sales progress

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Ventas Super Application with
all-in-one features:

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Salesforce SMS App

Ventas SMS is a cutting-edge messaging solution designed to enhance customer communication and engagement for businesses. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, Ventas SMS allows companies to reach their target audience effectively through SMS marketing campaigns. It offers a range of tools to create personalized messages, schedule

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Salesforce CPQ App

Ventas CPQ is a powerful sales tool that revolutionizes the quoting process for businesses. With its advanced configuration, pricing, and quoting capabilities, Ventas CPQ streamlines sales operations and enhances overall efficiency. It enables sales teams to generate accurate quotes quickly, guided by intelligent product configuration and pricing rules.

Salesforce cpq app
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Salesforce Appointment scheduling

Best platform where you can access the most useful technologies, like realtime messaging, team management, video and audio conferences, media sharing, screen sharing, conference recording, calendar management

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Salesforce Mass edit,

Effortlessly modify multiple records simultaneously, saving time and increasing productivity.

Salesforce mass action: Mass edit
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Salesforce Mass delete

Swiftly remove multiple records in bulk, simplifying data management and maintaining database integrity.

Salesforce mass action: Mass delete
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Salesforce Mass update,

Seamlessly update fields across a large number of records in just a few clicks, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.

Salesforce mass action: Mass update
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Merge duplicates

The Merge Duplicate feature in Salesforce enables users to identify and merge duplicate records across multiple objects, such as leads, contacts, accounts, and custom objects. It provides a comprehensive solution to eliminate redundancy, streamline workflows, and improve overall data quality.

 Merge duplicates
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Salesforce E-sign app

E-Sign app streamlines workflows, reduces costs, and accelerates business processes. The platform offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to upload documents, add signature fields, and specify signing order. Additionally, DocuSign ensures document security through encryption and authentication measures, providing a trusted and legally binding solution for document execution.

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Key Features​

SMS Features

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CPQ Features

Key Features​

sms video

SMS Features

CPQ Features


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  • Helps in improving overall business communication, no matter what industry your business falls in. It permits real-time communication with customers, clients, or employees.
  • It is versatile and can be implemented for almost all types of industries.
  • Helps in reducing the cost of communication as SMS provides cost-wise cheaper means of communication.
  • Reduces human inefficiency.
  • Provides a faster mode of communication


VENTAS CPQ & SMS SOLUTION is a unique enterprise application that allows you to connect with leads, customers, and contacts through SMS. You can connect this app with your Salesforce CPQ to interact with or share business information. With this automation tool, use workflows to send messages without a lot of micromanaging.

Ventas CPQ solutions
cpq mobile


Leverage Salesforce CPQ Mobile App that guarantees you a competitive edge Designed, built, and deployed by Kcloud, a leading Salesforce Consulting Company, this app ensures hassle-free bulk and scheduled Salesforce SMS campaigns. It is easy to use.

Grow your Bulk Messaging Multi Messaging Conversions with Ventas CPQ & SMS in this competitive B2B space

Enable multi-team collaboration

Built for distributed teams so they can work together easily


Ventas automates time-consuming manual processes and provides all the tools needed to close deals, so sales reps can focus on selling.


Our no-code environment enables operations teams to continuously adapt to changing business needs, like pricing and product updates, in real time.


Increase revenue growth with improved discount governance, quote version control, and advanced approval workflows.

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